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Merlin Black Magic!!!
Black Magic versions of all Master VSM and TSM models are now available. What is a Black Magic version? It is a Master VSM or TSM built with proprietary Cardas Clear wiring, cryoed versions of the new UpTone Musicap, a solder formulation change and connection treatments for the terminals, jumpers and RC networks. JP in Europe says, "After a lot more listening they sound incredible, just amazing. It is like a new speaker compared to the older versions..." and we, could not agree more!

View more customer comments on the Black Magic Merlin speakers (new and upgrades) by clicking here

Learn more about the Black Magic Merlin TSM on our updated TSM Info Page!
We have given our Merlin TSM page a thorough re-write and update! Along with being fully current, we have added detailed descriptions and insights on our mighty little monitor speaker! Check it out here!

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We now have a Facebook page for all our fans to visit with recent info, pictures, and other neat stuff. If you are on Facebook (or not - the page is viewable by all), stop by and like our Facebook page to keep pace with what we are up to! Make sure you select to "Get Notifications" when you "Like" the page so you do not miss any of our updates!

Things to know about Merlin Music Systems!
Learn more about our current products, their history and our design approach on our new Things You Need to Know page!

Merlin VSM & BAM Improvements & Upgrades
Another profound improvement and low cost! All current Super BAMs, Master BAMs and VSM's are built with Cardas Clear geometry cable. The difference in the coherence, tonal balance, relaxed nature and sense of realism is not to be believed. An inexpensive upgrade for any BAM and/or VSM, especially when you consider the benefits. Call the factory for a quote and have your bam upgraded. Bobby says "its a must do!" Click here to view some customer comments.

TSM Speaker Upgrades
We are also happy to announce that we are offering Clear geometry cable as an upgrade to "all" previous versions of the TSM (and VSM too - see above). We have already performed this upgrade to a number of older models with exceptional results. Another must do! call the factory for prices. Click here to view some customer comments from Merlin TSM owners.

Merlin Music Systems is the Authorized North American Distributor for Ars-Sonum gear, which is meticulously handcrafted in Spain! For more info and pricing, please contact us at 585-367-2390 or by e-mail.

The Gran Filarmonia is here!

Click on the picture above or here to view
Gran Filarmonia literature (PDF)


New Filarmonia-J Now Available!
The Filarmonia-J features several
improvements, including the same direct
coupled circuit found in the Gran Filarmonia.

Click here to view Filarmonia-J product literature.

Ars-Sonum Fliarmonia SE
Stereophile Magazine Class A
Recommended Component!
[October 2007 Stereophile Magazine]

Igor Zamberlan from VIDEOHIFI.com reports
on the Filarmonia SE and gives some great
insight into the differences between the
VSM-MMe and VSM-MXe!

Click here to read John Marks review of the
Filarmonia Integrated in his 5th Element
Column In Stereophile Magazine.



WATT Magazine Reviews the Black Magic TSM-MMM!
Fresh off the presses in Norway, we managed to get the text translated post haste and ready for you to read. Click here to check it out! We will also have the original (un-translated) version available to view very shortly!

Merlin TSM-MMM Review in Canada HiFi Magazine
A very through and detailed review of our TSM-MMM. You can download view the whole issue (PDF) of Canada HiFi at their website www.canadahifi.com for free. To just read the review, click here!

A New Tweeter for the TSM

A very significant improvement to the sound and performance of the TSM BME ... click here to read the details.

The Ars Sonum Gran Filarmonia Review!
After taking a close listen to the Merlin Master VSM (see below), StereoMojo.com reviewer Malcolm Gomes gives the Ars Sonum Grand Filarmonia a close listen in this very thorough review!
Click here to check out the review!

StereoMojo.com Reviews the Master VSM
The folks at StereoMojo.com takes a in depth look and listen to our Master VSM (VSM-MXM) Speaker System and is duly impressed! Click here to jump to the review @ StereoMojo,com!

Dual Mono Dual Input/Output Master BAM
New dual monaural, dual ops (RCA & balanced inputs/outputs) Master BAM. Two full and separate channels on two chassis. Superior separation, less distortion, 50% longer battery life and the AC sounds virtually as good as battery ops does. Increased bandwidth, clarity, dynamics, expanse and just more live sounding. Contact us for upgrade information of existing dual ops S-BAMs.

Master BAM and Master RCs  Please call or e-mail us for details on our Master Bam and Master RCs. While the original Super BAM and RCs are still available, these Master series Merlin products incorporate very special (proprietary) Duelund capacitors that significantly improve the performance of both the RCs and the BAM! Click here to visit our Merlin Product News web page with more details on these new products.

Bobby P's Tips'n Tweaks!
Click here to check out some neat inexpensive tweaks to get the best out of your Merlin speakers or battery BAM from the desk of Bobby Palkovic.

Merlin Customer/Owner Reviews!!!
To read what Merlin VSM & TSM owners say about their speakers, click on the links below. Lots of great reading here from a wide range of owners!
NEW! Merlin VSM-MMe/MXe Owner Reviews on AudioReview.com

Merlin VSM Owner Reviews on AudioReview.com
Merlin TSM Owner Reviews on AudioReview.com

Merlin TSM & VSM

The VSM-MXM (Master VSM) and TSM-MXM (TSM Master) pictured in Ruby Heart Red premium clearcoat finish. Click on picture above to view PDF product literature on the Merlin VSM.

Stereophile lists the VSM as a Class A Recommended Component!
We are very proud to see the VSM in their (October 2009) Class A (Restricted Extreme LF) speaker ranking!

Merlin TSM-MMM

TSM Loudspeaker
The TSM-MMM pictured in Studio Black finish.

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